How many times have you had a dream of something that you would like to be, or a goal you would like to achieve. But, when it comes to getting up and doing whatever it is to fulfill that dream, or that goal, you begin to say, ʻitʼs for someone elseʼ and believe it will not happen for you, so you leave it alone.
Then there is the other one: you happen to meet someone very influential and important in the Company, and you find that you just canʼt talk or ask the questions you would like to ask.
Well, I have got some news for you, you are not the only one that goes through this, there are lots of people who go through this sort of scenario every day, waiting for that one day to happen. It seems as if there is a little Gremlin in your head, who keeps telling you the reasons that you cannot do something, or how weak you are, or what bad thing might happen if you try.
It is time for you to expose that little Gremlin, and take away the power he had over you.
We will do this first by naming him, his true name is DOUBT! There, we did it. The second part is he attaches himself to you, and assumes the name of SELF DOUBT.
So now you know him, you have to get rid of him, and take back your power, to live the life of achievement.
Here are 5 steps to to get rid of doubt:

  1. Recognise that the past is the past, and you can only control the present, which will then influence your future.
  2. Ask yourself this question: What thoughts am I feeding this Gremlin to make him strong in my mind? Itʼs time to starve him.
  3. STOP speaking poorly or negatively of yourself, as the words we use have power in the display of our actions. START to monitor what you say, and practice replacing those negative words with positive ones about yourself.
  4. Build a dream board of those Big dreams that you have. Think outside the box, do not put limits on your dreams. Do this by getting a big sheet of paper or card, then seek out images from magazines or the internet, and paste them onto your sheet, also write positive affirmations on the sheet or card. Put these up in a place that you could see them each day.
  5. Donʼt wait for things to happen: make things happen!