In our present time, life seems very fast moving, and the facts of trying to keep up with it all seems even harder. For example work pressures, project deadlines, commuting to work, your family life and trying to get the quality time together, the paying of the bills, you have just paid some and the other financial commitments and get more through the letter box.
This can all become a bit overwhelming after a period and tends to lead to frustration and stress if we are not on top of it all. Stress has been known to sneak up and starts to manifest itself through our bodies health system, such as not being able to have a peaceful sleep at night. It is also known as a slow killer. This is not just in older individuals only, it attacks all. Nowadays there are more of young people as well as older who suffer from the effects of stress.
Let us look at ways to combat stress, lets get ‘Stress Busting’.

1) Exercise

A great way to overcome stress is to start exercising, as exercise is a very good stress buster. Through the activity of exercise the body has a mechanism that releases a chemical into the body which we call endorphins, they naturally keep stress levels at bay and make us feel good.

2) Awareness

If you start to monitor the situations that tend to bring on the stress, because when you can identify your stress triggers, you will find a better way to self manage before hand.

3) Realisation

Begin to take note and realise that there are some things you can change and there are some things that you just cannot change. When you can differentiate between the two, you gain more of a realisation that it makes no sense worrying about it, as this will not change whatever it is that you are worrying about.

4) Planning

Plan your day ahead the night before, as this will put you more in control of your day with a focus, and will alleviate much of the stress. But do not put too many things on your ‘to do’ list, spread them per day for the week.

5) Power of No

Learn that you can say No to someones request of you, without feeling guilty that you have offended them. This is part of valuing yourself and knowing when you have taken on too much.                  (visit ‘Power of No’ blog page)

6) Over thinking

Try not to over think things, and find people that you can bounce things off, as sometimes our ego says that we have to know the answer to everything. The truth is we don’t know the answer to everything.

7) Quality time

Find quality time to do simple things that you like to do, or who you like to spend time with.
If you have found this useful or have some more ways to stress bust, your comments will be appreciated in the box below.
Coach Chris Browne