When you hear the announcement of the word ‘Lockdown’ it can create in mind fear and anxiety. The fear of not knowing, What is going to happen to me? What do I do? and the big one… When?

The one thing you do know and that is, you are not alone in this. Which is a good point to keep in mind as we are all experiencing this, ‘not knowing’ feeling.


Here are 7 tips to help you cope in the period of Lockdown


  1. As hard and as controversial as it may seem. Get the mindset of, Lockdown is not a punishment, but protection for your well being.
  2. Don’t keep looking way ahead in your mind, as this kind of thinking gives way to a feeling of anticipation, which then creates panic and fear for the worst outcomes.
  3. Start to look at the lockdown as downtime to get things done that you never get that time to do.
  4. Set daily goals the night before for the next day, and on that day focus ahead on meeting that goal by doing little things throughout the day to meet the goal.
  5. Don’t spend your day listening each hour to every bit of news about Covid-19 and Lockdown, but do stay informed maybe once to twice a day from a credible source.
  6. Make sure to keep a daily routine, and don’t sit around in your bedclothes all day. Keep each day a separate brand new day!
  7. Try to constantly keep in communication with others by phone or online and have a good laugh.

In all remember you made it through Lockdown #1 now you are better equipped to make it through this one.

You will get through it.

Coach Chris Browne