Are you choosing roles in your job search for the right reasons?
According to the Investor in People (IIP) 60% of the UK workforce are not happy in their current job roles (2015), this also questions our choices of why we choose the jobs we do?
Have you ever chosen a job or career because of an outside influence? (which is not always a negative thing) It’s just that not all our choices are always for the right reasons. You might have seen someone else living a good life doing what they are doing. But honestly, that does not necessarily mean that their field of work is the same type of work for you. Sometimes it just might be the case that the person you observed might have a total different skill set to you, or a natural talent that they have further developed for that particular career, but that is not saying that you cannot do that too.
It is a case of truly searching, and capitalising on your innate natural talent and passion, this just might also be the same as their talent, or something even more closer to what you truly like doing and are just naturally good at. Which then sets a recipe of, ‘Getting up on Monday morning and getting paid for something you enjoy doing’  could you imagine this. What a blessing!
So let’s start by taking a deeper look at which area you might be more custom built for …
Here are a few questions to ask yourself, (which also can be used if you are thinking of starting your own business)
1) What am I passionate about?
2) What am I good at?
3) Could I make a living from it?
4) What is my reality now?
5)  Could I build it along side my daily job? (If starting your own business)
6) Where should I seek advice to get started?
Write your answers on paper so that you could see it clearly each day, and begin to take steps towards a better fulfillment in your job search and life.
Discover your true work talent, make your passion your fuel, and go for it!
All the Success