We have come to that time of the year when lots of people are confessing their undying love for someone that their heart has been skipping a beat for a long time, and have only just plucked up the courage at this time to tell them.
There is also the loved up couples who want to declare to the world that they belong to somebody by proposing to that chosen one to procreate and build a family, and to stay together till their dying day.  Then there are those who have already made that commitment of marriage and are much in love with their spouse, and given the chance would marry that same individual all over again (Me) : )
Now it does not take much guessing which time of the year this is. Yes, it’s Valentines! Where the colour red is blooming all around, and millions is spent on roses. But whether you are with someone, or not yet found that special individual, here are some facts of the ‘Benefits of being in Love’.
Desire & Purpose
According to Abraham Maslow, the 20th Century Psychologist,  Humans have a need to belong (and adding to be loved). So with this theory, our desire is an innate part of our nature to belong to some group or someone in one way or another, just the way God programmed us. But, in this there is also a purpose and the purpose would be down to procreation, not saying that if you have not chosen yet, that this throws it out the window, just acknowledging it as part of our drive.


Now here is a good reason to find that special someone. A Department of Health survey states that being married and in love adds 5 more years to your life span. I was reading a story the other day about an elderly married couple that had spent about every day of their 72 years of marriage together. They lived to the good age of 92 and 94 and even whilst dying in hospital the husband was holding the hand of his wife, he was pronounced  clinically dead, but doctors still heard a heartbeat from his body, when they checked they realised it was the heartbeat of his wife, who was still holding his hand sounding in his body. His wife died an hour later. Some might see this as sad, but there is something really sweet and special about this story of togetherness.


There are certain chemicals that are hightened and released into our bodies when we are in love.
Oxytocin when holding the hand of your loved one, this hormone lowers stress. Being in love helps strengthen your immune system, helps to lower your blood pressure, and also helps for a faster recovery from sickness.

Why cuddle

Cuddling is important as research shows that babies who get a lot of cuddles grow up more emotionally stable. I assume that the same applies to adults too! (including Man-flu?) : )