When there is no money, it is not funny, now that might seem like a catchy line that called your attention, but the truth is, it is a fact. Because many of us have been on that end of the phrase. It would seem that this world we live in seems to be totally based off this principle: a principle that bases someone character on this as fact. (not good) 


I canʼt remember seeing anyone walking around laughing at the fact of having no money, and if they did, you kind of got an idea where that might be heading. Have you ever been in the position of not knowing where your next payment or pound is going to come from. Or if you are earning, if it will come before the next bill is due, which then it is accounted for before you got it into your hands? This is a sadly common situation for many, which I have experienced. 


I was once told that if you have a poor thinking mind that you will have a poor output in life, but also the opposite too, that if you have a rich thinking mind, you will have a rich output. When I heard this it took my mind to a section I read in one of the greatest books ever, which gave me good understanding for sayings like this, it reads ʻas a man thinks, so shall it beʼ Well, I only had to put the two together and come up with four, which is the beginning of financial wisdom. 


You might turn and say, it is hard to think in a rich manner when you have not got much, well here is one key to that journey; Start to appreciate the simple things around you, as you have made it this far so far. Start to appreciate those around you, as this is far more valuable than monetary. When we begin to appreciate and learn to adopt a mind of thankfulness, we begin to put our minds in a better place, which in turn brings a better positive output, and therefore attracts a better situation. 


Let us put this into practical steps that you could practice, and remember it is said, that a habit takes three weeks to make and three weeks to break.


1) Think this through as I did, ʻas a man thinks, so shall it beʼ in other words, change your thinking, and it will change your life. 


2) Begin to appreciate what you have at the moment no matter how small it may be and of course those around you too. 


3) Start to adopt the principle of giving, most successful people do this, give to your chosen Charity, Tithe, Henry P Cromwell (the face you see on Quaker oats) did this Invest in projects that will bring in a good ROI


4) Take practical actions to change your circumstance. Do this by starting to think outside the box, looking at different options, find your true potential, your hobby, and find people that will pay you for it. 


Not until you have tried these out, will you know if they will work.