What is in a name, or better still should I say what is in your name? I believe that names have meaning and also have power.
How many times have you heard of some top CEO at a top fortune 500 company with a real slick double barrel name, and you think did he or she make that up to go with his or her title or did the role call on them because of their name, funny isn’t it? Sometimes people are known by ‘nicknames’ because of their character or something they gained from an action as child.
But on a serious note you can reclaim the positive meaning in your name and it’s really quite a simple exercise. All you have to do is to think of a positive expression for each letter of your name in the way of an acronym, this will help in self motivation.
Here is an example of what I did with my surname some time back. Try this on your surname and send me your feedback.


B – Be expectant of miracles
R – Round up enough information for your journey
O- Observe greatness, get a mentor
W- Winner, adopt a winners mentality
N – Nothing less than your best
E- Excellence. Have a spirit of excellence, be an example
B – Be expectant of Gods miracles. When you wake up in the morning after giving thanks (because quite a lot of people did not wake up this morning). Be expectant of positive things, like miracles to happen to you today.
R – Round up all the information you need for your journey towards your goal. Read more. Spend quality time with those who know about your field, and ask questions.
0 – Observe greatness. Observe and study those at the top of your field, get a Mentor! Find someone trusted who can guide you.
W – Winners mentality. Do not except defeat. There is no such thing as failure, you only learn how not to do something (Thomas Eddison).The only time you fail is when you give up. Athletes visualise themselves winning, see themselves receiving that gold medal.
N – Nothing less than your best. Ask yourself honestly. (and remember, you can’t lie to yourself) Have you given it 100%! People reply when asked this “I have tried a hundred ways”. Ask them to write down the hundred ways, chances are they will only write down about 5, if but that.
E – Excellence. Have a spirit of excellence. Strive for perfection, distinguish yourself as the best. Compete with yourself to be better at it than you were yesterday. YOU WILL REACH THE TOP, and become a shining example to others who are in the position you WERE IN.