The words Confidence and Assertiveness can often at times be a little bit confusing as they sometimes get used for the same meaning.
But, Confidence and Assertiveness are different from each other.
You can have confidence without being assertive, but you can’t have assertiveness without being confident. Confidence is something from the inside, whereas assertiveness is something on the outside.
So how can we tell the difference?

Confidence on the inside starts with how we feel about our inner self, our belief in our abilities, our knowledge, our assurance in self, our faith, or our self-worth and also being at peace with ourselves. These are all about our inner.

Assertiveness is on the outside and this would mean how we project ourselves and communicate to transfer information to others.
For example, being able to express a decision without getting emotionally upset about it.
When we see this sort of display we tend to say, that person seems confident and the reason for this is that they are projecting on the outside their strong characteristics that are on the inside.
If you feel that you need to get to this place, know that it is never too late to learn.


Try to understand more of why you react to situations the way you do


1. Start to reprogram your thoughts daily from doubts, and negativity about yourself.  (Life isn’t about finding yourself, its about creating yourself – George Bernard Shaw)

2. Except that humans make mistakes, learn from them, and move on.
(Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes – Oscar Wilde)

3. Prepare yourself before whether it be a presentation, interview, or whatever. (Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment – Ralph Waldo. Emerson)

4. Think things through before reacting on just emotion, as there will be consequences. (What people say about you when you have left the room is precisely your job when you are in it – Rasheed Ogunlaru)

5. Have faith and trust in your ability, God has got your back.


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Coach Chris Browne