Most people are born with a dream and as children, we begin to talk about it, get excited, and act out our dreams.
But as time goes on and with a little help of those people who say, ‘It can’t be done’ ‘Wake up’ or ‘Be realistic’ those dreams begin to seem childlike and unreal. The dreams then turn into doubtful thoughts; those thoughts are then based on rationality until you get to the point of being convinced that it’s ‘impossible’ and it was just a dream.

Then you begin to turn into the millions who have conversations of ‘I once had a dream.

Listen…Life can be overcrowded at the bottom, but there’s room for more at the top.


There comes a point in your mind that you have to reconnect with that child-like creativity and begin to sow those Seeds of Dreams. In sowing those seeds you will be taking the actions to germinate the dream into a flower and then a reality.


Dream into Reality

  1. Take time out to relax and think of that dream goal.
  2. Set it as a reminder to flash up on your mobile phone daily.
  3. Make decisions towards the dream.
  4. Take daily bite-size actions towards this dream.
  5. Network, seek out like-minded people.
  6. Read of those ‘who have achieved’ to keep you inspired.
  7. Remember ‘Impossible’ is not part of your vocabulary, Dream Big!


Believe, Create, and Reap
Coach Chris Browne