Innovative Thinking

Innovation is a very essential part of human growth and has proven to put us at the top of the chain in many ways. If we were not programmed for progression and innovative thinking, we would still be sitting on the spot thinking that the world is flat. But knowing this, we still sometimes find it hard to think in an innovative way and the reason being is that we tend to act in fear, which brings paralysis to our creativity.‘What if’ questions arrive in our minds, What if this? What if that? What if it goes wrong, What if they don’t like my idea.

We need to challenge our ‘What ifs’ with What if it goes right? What a success that would be. We need to remove all those limiting thoughts and beliefs if we really want to start our innovative juices flowing.


Innovative in our home life


Being innovative in our home life might be doing things in a different way from the normal routine. It could be in our choices, eating different foods as simple as trying out something different from your normal breakfast. It could be your exercise routine needs to change or it could be simply rearranging the furniture around your room, house, or workspace. These simple little acts put our minds in gear to begin to think in a more innovative way.


Innovative in our work life


How many times have you gone into a meeting and sat in the same chair, gone through the same routine or similar agenda, then fight with your mind to come up with brilliant answers? This has happened to many of us at times. So it is time for a change. Get more innovative in how you manage your meetings, maybe sit someplace different from where you normally would sit, get everyone to stand up for a bit, change around the agenda order, listen more to others views, so it is not just your views.

The above helps to stimulate the mind, which in turn helps with everyone being more engaged and innovative, then adds to being a more stimulated productive meeting. Overall, to combat mental lethargy and stimulate that innovative side of you… try at least 10 different things starting from tomorrow, list them, and go for it. Your innovative life is about to take off.

Coach Chris Browne