We hear a lot of information about creating the life you want of which I believe is possible.
But first we have to know what type of life we really want.
If you don’t begin to start to create the life you want somebody else around you or somebody you know will create it for you, and guess what? you might just end up working for them too!
There are some of us who have been fortunate enough to have had mentors at a very early age that gave us advice and encouraged our creative ability so that we can understand this innate quality that we have to be able create, and there are those who were not as fortunate to have had those sort of mentors around to enhance this belief within us.
But either way, now is the time to know that you do have this ability within you. I personally call it faith, belief, vision and a dose of action. My faith in God, self and action helps me through, others have a different faith that takes them through, it’s down to your ability to believe. You could use this ability in different areas of your life and watch how it will unfold.
The vision that you see around you of the life you want is not only for those that you see living it, it is for you too. But you have to not only just dream about it, (which does opens the doors of opportunity) you have to get up and walk through that door. In other words you have to take the practical actions to take possession of it, grab it, own it.
Here are some tips to assist in your creating:
1 Why do you want it?
In knowing your reason of why you want something and discovering the sincere reason behind it. Will keep you focused when obstacles and delays arise, also with good intentions, good things happen.
2 What do you want?
Create a vision in your mind of what life you really want. Get images of the things in this life of yours that you have visioned. Place them where you can spend time a few minutes each day to look at them. (A vision board)
3 What does it look & feel like?
4 Think outside of the box.
A builder does not start to build a building without first setting the foundation and of course knowing his/her cost first. (but that does not mean that you will limit yourself to the funds you have presently) If your vision and goal is strong enough you will find ways outside of the box to make it happen.
5 Actions
What practical actions must I take to make things happen?
Who do I need to speak to?
Where do I need to go?
What do I need to learn?
Keep on thinking outside the box.
6 Set time lines for your goals
Set time lines to your goals, a way of doing this is by setting on paper three columns, at the top of each column write a title.
Example; Column 1 Now, column 2 Medium, and column 3 Long-term, all represent time-lines.
Column 1 NOW, would represent what action you will start taking from now towards you goal.
Column 2 MEDIUM, would represent a 2-3 week progression that you could review how much you have improved by your consistent action.
Column 3 LONG-TERM would be your overall vision with which you started with to reach in 6-12 months.
In doing the above you should not need an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning, but your passion to achieve this life should have you up ‘nice and early’.
Here are some great quotes:
As a man think, so shall it be.
The Great Book
To have the things you have never had.
You have to do the things you have never done.
Jim Rohn
What I think, What I say, What I do, this is the reality.
Karen Riss (Forbes)
If you want your 2020 to be great, you need to have started in 2019.
Patrick Maser 
May your vision be a blessed one that becomes a reality.
Coach Chris Browne