Commitment is a big word to some people, but to another it is must, to achieving their personal goal in life. We make commitments to many different areas in life, we commit to Marriage, Friendships, Projects, Jobs, Diets, Keep fit training, Courses, to name a few. But, also to see any of these fulfilled we have to make an agreement to go all the way to achieve that final goal, which I call the end vision that you had, when you first initially had the thought in your mind.


Unfortunately, I am sure we could think of the many times we have started with the idea in mind of seeing this project to the end and something comes up that distracts us or slows it down, which slightly kills the momentum until it comes to a stop, then later on a year or so we talk about it, as the one we started to do, when we mention it to others, and when they ask What happened? we talk about this or that, and that is the reason why we stopped with it, the truth about it, is it became an unfulfilled goal.


So now looking back at this scenario, that was then and this is now, we are all allowed a little time to make mistakes or make a wrong choice at some points in our life. Therefore we are not allowed to spend the rest of your life in regret and be in beat myself up mode. We need to find a better way of approaching our commitment towards our goals.


Lets start by looking at a few questions that we could ask ourselves before making that commitment.


1) Why are we committing to a certain task?

Think of the real reason why you are making this commitment, Is it because somebody said it is a good idea to do it, if so what does your gut feeling say about it.
Could see yourself enjoying the journey, and giving it your all, or are you just going with it all for the ride?


2) What inspires you about it?

What has inspired you to make this commitment, do you have a clear end vision of what it will look like once it has been achieved, because if you could vision this in your minds eye and you could smell it, feel the success of it, touch, overall get excited about it, then go for it, as this sort of certainty is what will keep you moving when doubts, or distractions try to take you off your journey to complete that end vision that brilliant goal.


3) Am I accountable?

It seems like there is a kind of mechanism inside of us that when we tell people we are going to do something that we feel we have to do it.
There are times that the person, has to be you, even before you have told somebody else, that would mean applying the above first to make that right decision towards yourself first. Now that you have made that decision, it is time to pick a trusted person who you respect and make yourself accountable, by telling them what you are about to embark on.

Doing this with the right person will help you to keep going regardless of what comes at you while on the journey, and also the encouragement from that person will help to keep you moving.