Did you know that the first few seconds, that you walk through the door at an interview, the interviewer has made their mind up about you already. Yes, that’s right, the first few seconds.
So true to the saying “First impressions count” (They do) or “You never get a second time to make a first impression” (You don’t).
Now taking the above statement into hand, means that you have to get that first impression right, the first time.
Well……! How do I do that?
Sometimes the interview, we have in our mind before going to an interview, is nothing like the one we can achieve in reality.
The one in the mind goes a little like this:
“Something always makes me late”.
“I get real nervous at interviews”.
“I might not wear the right clothes”.
“I won’t know what to say”.
“They might ask me a difficult question”.
Everything else that could go wrong flows through your mind, and what are the chances of these things happening?
There is a saying, “That half the things we fear, never really happen” In this case, I say that half the things you think about, you have helped them to materialize.
So let us begin right away, by getting rid of these negative thoughts of the interview situation, and replace it with a very positive one. It’s as easy as that!
Self belief
The reason you have been chosen (out of many other applicants) to have this interview with the employer, is because they believe that you might possess the qualities and skills to do the job.
In other words they believe in you, So why don’t you? Knowing this should already help to ease some of those nerves.
Do some research on the company ahead of time, the research might encompass e.g Where the company is geographically, so you could plan your journey an hour ahead, to be on time regardless of commuting problems.
Company Culture
Company culture, Dress code. This will help with choosing what to wear to the interview, but yet still make sure it is something that you feel comfortable in, and it also fits in with the company’s dress code.
Job role
Find out what skills are most expected to help carry out the Job Role proficiently, tie it in with whatever skill you have, that will be of use to the role.
Competitors in the Market
Get up to date with what is going on in the field, as who are their competitors, and what they are doing. So that it shows you are familiar with the field, have an interest and take the time to gain knowledge.
Research helps in preparation and gives more confidence in handling any questions that might have seemed difficult without preparation. This stands for most situations, Preparation is the key. Practice! Practice Practice!
On the day
It is a good idea to print copies of your application form, CV, and cover letter. This will help when looking over on your journey to the interview.
Mobile phone
Check that your mobile phone is switched off before the interview, as one of the biggest distraction to help you lose your trail of thought is your mobile ringing, and that can also irritate the interviewer as well.
Be you
Wear a smile on entering the interview room, keep projecting a positive posture and personality, relax and go.
All the Success!
Coach Chris Browne