Get out of your own way, and begin to go for it!
What do I mean by this….. Well, a lot of the blockages that stop us, is usually to some point ourselves, the reason being, we tend to focus on the past. There is nothing we can do about our past, but we do have the power to do something about our future by being proactive about our present.
Things that tend to stop us from seizing opportunities are for example not being able to speak up, feeling not good enough, or doubts in our abilities, these are all brought on by our own thoughts, bringing insecurities and lack of self trust.
We need to make decisions to get rid of these thoughts once and for all! Replace them with good thoughts of your future and abilities, or either by seeking professional help to take you through this. I heard it once said, by Top Motivational Speaker Les Brown when I was at one of his events, that ‘You don’t have to be great to get started, but you got to get started to be great’ ! Now think about this line.
We all started somewhere from a place of not knowing, and then had to seek the knowledge to know. There are many top people whom if you had a conversation with them, they could most likely identify with a time when they were in the same sort of place like you, maybe different circumstance, but similar thinking.
The only difference is they made a decision to ‘Get out of their own way, and go for it’. They had enough of reasons why they can’t, and found enough reasons why they can. They took the ‘bull by the horns’ and tossed him on his back, by finding that inner strength.
Decisions are very powerful, just as what you decide to do today, will affect your future tomorrow. So my advice to you would be to ‘Get out of your own way, and go for that dream.’
Coach Chris Browne