Do you ever feel like life is standing still, or that you are just not progressing as fast as you would like to?
There some things in life that do just seem to stand still, and there are somethings that do stand still. Let us differentiate between the two.
Man made items are made so that a human being would be in control of its movement or its ability to develop further. But, if we were posed the question of: How tall does a tree grow? The answer would most likely be, that a tree never stops growing. (not entirely fact, but a tree does not think this way)
God gave us the capacity to make choices, and the ability to think, ‘In which way we want to grow’
We as children get influenced by what is around us in our early years, and at a later stage begin to make informed decisions about the direction that we want to take in our growth.
This is a very crucial time of our own individual growth; a time of great importance in our lives. The time of choices.
Left to our own devices, as a child, we are very inquisitive about everything, which is why our parents or guardians at that time in our lives, play a major role in our shaping. It’s a time when your guardian says, ‘I don’t want you to play with a certain group of kids in the area, like little Johnny or Jane’ as they are always creating or getting into trouble.
Now as adults we choose the kind of growth that we want to make, we choose the characters and the sort of company we keep. We now have the power to make decisions about our own personal growth, that’s even if we did hang out with little trouble making Johnny or Jane previously, we can now choose to let go of our past choices and make decisions of our direction and growth.
I have read and heard it said, ‘That you can tell your net worth in about 5-10 years by your network now. Meaning that the 5 people you spend the most time with has an influence on your financial life. This is not to say cut off all true friends who are broke, No!…. But have the parent mentality. (back to Johnny and Jane) Parents know this already, hence minding their child’s influencers, with whom they are playing with.
In developing your growth, beware of those who have an ability to give out negative gossip, or discourage you on going for your dreams. Make decisions to change them for those whom will help in your growth, like those who have vision, champion you, and speak the truth to you.
But, a very important part of this is, make sure you are of this character too, as this will attract like minded people, as in most cases it really is about who we are.
Whether it be your work, your finances, your love life, your spirituality, take responsibility for your growth.
Happy journey
Coach Chris Browne
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