The fact that we have been taught to work hard and you will be successful, as
being the key to your success must still baffle many people. Now take moment to
stop and think of all the hard working people you know, starting from your parents
to the friends, and people you meet everyday that work very hard, are they all
I am more, or less sure that some of them are successful, but not all, so chances
are that the successful ones are in the minority. You might start to question that well
taught statement, ‘Work hard and you will be a success’.
Well, before I do start to explain, lets be clear about one thing and that is, ‘I do not,
advocate laziness’ as one great book puts it, ‘A little slumber, leads to poverty’.
But lets get a grip on this first statement we have been taught. I once heard the late
Mr Jim Rohn say: Work hard on your job, and you will make a living. Work hard on
yourself, and you will make a fortune. I personally believe this to be a statement, to be true. Reason being it spells it out, and it makes sense.
Here is my spin on the “Work hard and you will be a success” statement.
Most of your success is not in your hands, but it is in your mind. Most successful
people had great thoughts, then the hard work came, when they had to put it into
action. How many great ideas came into your mind and you did nothing about them, then at some point later you saw a similar idea produced, and wished you had gone ahead with your idea. So let us rearrange the beginning statement, “Work hard on your thoughts, and you will be a success”.
Here are some points:

  1. 1 Guard your mind from negative worry, and start to look for the opportunities.
  2. Make a decision to get to bed early, and focus your prayer or meditation on great things, stop focusing on what you have not got (as this is a silent prayer for more of that lack). This is like trying to drive a car forward, but not noticing you have the hand brake on.
  3. Start to have an Attitude of Gratitude by showing appreciation for the simple things you have got, and from this premise, start to focus on the things you would like to add to the wonderful things you do have.
  4. Put on your creative mind and start to think of the how to get that body of yours to physically do things to make it happen. (which is where the work bit comes in)