You want to beat that fear of interviews, but your mind just will not let you overcome those fearful thoughts. You spend a good bit of your time job searching and filling online job applications with thoughts of they are not going to choose me, then it happens.
Yes, you get a call for a job interview, Tah daaaah! (Sorry, my suspense music intro) mixed feelings enter.
Firstly you are excited that they spotted you, and then you are anxious about it all, you go and tell a few close people, then coming closer to the day of the interview fear begins to kick in, and let’s not even mention on the morning of the interview itself. It’s a bit of a strange one isn’t it?
Let’s go straight to it and just ‘Get over it’ (as they say) we need to kick that fear out of our mind. But let’s not kick all of it out, as a little bit of fear is good for performance.
Here are some positive mindset thinking to assist you in beating that fear of interviews
1 Congratulations!!  They chose you amongst all those other applicants.
2 They believe you are good enough, you have impressed them on paper, and they want to meet you in person to see who you are …. (Sell yourself opportunity)
3 Time to stop anticipating and projecting negative outcomes in your mind about what will happen.
Funny, the reality is, if all of you who are going for the same job, and have all just read this blog, 🙂 and got your fear under control, knowing that there is only one position available, this means only one of you will get that job.
But it also means that you have got so close to this one, then their must be a lot of other vacancies out there, and one of them is going to be yours.
So keep pushing a little harder, Your turn is coming Go for it!
All the Success
Coach Chris Browne
Do share with us in the comment box below of how you overcame your fear of an interview, or did your fear help in your performance?