Communication is the key to your success. Have you heard this before? To become an effective communicator will change your life and put you ahead in many situations. This could be in the Work environment, Customer complaints, Building new relationships, Networking and many more situations.
There are four Key areas in Communication
1) Eye Contact
2) Tone of voice
3) Body Language
4) Listening Skills
These areas of communication are fundamental to being an effective communicator in a face to face situation. On occasion you might see someone get up in front of a large audience, and deliver a blinding speech to a resounding applause, and you might not even remember all that was said, but remember certain parts of the speech. It just might be in the way that person delivered the talk with the full use of effective communication, and capturing the audience using these areas of communication.
Be a better Communicator 2When communication happens between two people, we have two roles being played out. One plays the role of the sender, and the other plays the role of the receiver, or in other words, one is a speaker, and the other is a listener. This builds for effective communication.
Non-effective communication is when both decide to play the same role at the same time e.g both adopting the role of speaker at the same time leaves no space for listening which in turn, result in both shouting over each other to be heard. (an argument) or if both playing the role of listener, then it is, “Ok Corral, you go first”. (usually lovers tiff)
So to be an effective communicator you have to be aware of these issues. Knowing how to be a good listener is very important, as well as being able to express, and project oneself is just as important too. Using these 4 areas of communication could change your relationships for the positive.
When we communicate the suggested percentage we use are:

Words 7%                               Tone of voice 38%                              BodyLanguage 55%

Be a better Communicator

Know that the above is not fixed, but knowing this helps us to project in a more effective manner. The percentage of words used may not be as high as body language, but yet still as important. What we say to someone, and the words we choose can have a positive or negative effect, as much as the emphasis on the tone we use.
Our gestures are just as effective, this comes under Body language. This could be down to our facial gesture, our hand gestures, even how we sit, stand, or the distance between two persons engaged in conversation, making sure not to invade someones personal space.
To make that change in your life into being an effective communicator, you will have to start first with observing how you communicate and the sort of relationships being built.
This is not to say; be robotic and analyze everything you do.
A good rule to remember is, that a habit takes three weeks to make, and three weeks to break.
So that speaks for a good habit, or a bad habit. You choose!
Choose a good habit such as a warm smile and a firm handshake, especially on first impression in a work interview, as this sets the precedence for the relationship further down the line.
Choose to be a good listener, as it is not always all about you. It is about an exchange between two.
Choose to not be negatively judgmental internally, as this will project itself on the outside at some point or another, either in facial gesture or body language.
Choose to communicate positively with all who you meet, it will widen your circle and will enrich your life!
Be a better Communicator 3
Coach Chris Browne