There was a period when flying was something that only ‘nutty professors’  thought or talked about, as in ‘one day’ and then there were people who spoke of being able to speak to someone else who was ‘far away’ through some sort of gadget. These were times of awakened possibilities, waiting to be born in a time of seem impossible.
Well done, to the Wright brothers for pursuing what seemed an impossible idea, or flakey dream to many. Because of their determination we get to fly to far off countries and experience the beauty of this world, visit family members by aeroplane.  Now we trust flying so much, that we take it as common, we board the plane  and don’t even check to see if its a trained monkey in the cockpit about to do the take off. (is this possible now?) Ha ha!
Lets look at what seemed like the other impossible, to be able to speak to someone far away through a hand held gadget seemed impossible back in the early days, but down to Antonio Meucci’s use of electrical pulses, he realised that they could be used for the transference of sound. Today, we just pull out our little ever advancing gadgets (mobile phone), and talk and see our family members in other countries without thinking about it.
I remember growing up watching the television series ‘Star Trek’ where the crew of the Starship Enterprise, would take out their mobile gadgets and request to be teleported to another place. Now that still seems far fetch, but think, that’s how people in the past thought, ‘impossible’ but now we use those mobile gadgets! Do not be too surprised, if in a short period of time teleportation becomes fact.
So let us get back to the here, and now. What in your personal life seems impossible to achieve?
What vision and goals do you dream of, but counter attack it with a thought of ‘thats not possible for me’. If you have given in to these thoughts and let’s just say your surname was Wright and thought this way, we would not be flying today and taking a month or so, to reach our destination abroad by boat.
If your surname was Meucci and thought this way, we would still be communicating by airmail letters only (that’s if there were planes) and by the time you got a reply things would have changed, so the information would not be correct.
But your surname is …………….  and you can make things possible.
Challenge the Impossible !