I can remember many years ago when I worked in sales for a small company.
I was then promoted to managing a team. I interviewed some new recruits and there was a candidate that I still remember vividly up to this date.
This candidate had a unique personality and was beginning to ‘stand out’, as the interview proceeded, he seemed OK.
Then at the end of the interview, I asked him a question that you normally would expect to hear at an interview and the question was ‘Do you have any questions you would like to ask? He questioned,
1) About the money
2) About the length of holidays
In my judgement I thought this gentlemen is thinking about how much money he could make, and secondly how much time he could have off.
Furthermore from his answers I could tell that he did not read through the job description, and also that we could have been any company to him.
Now to some you might say, we work and exchange our time for money.
Well, yes we do.
But we should have an interest in what we are doing and the company we are working for……
Overall this gentleman is memorable for unfortunately all the wrong reasons.
Take note of this when you go for your next interview, if you get the same question.
Think of a question that shows you are interested in your development in the role, or a question that reflects an interest in the company that you are positively excited to work in.
All the Success.
Coach Chris Browne

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