Once upon a time interviews were taken on a certain amount of standard questions that to some point you could slightly assume what was coming (wrong thing to do).
But now things have really changed, interviewers have upped their game, as the one thing as an interviewer that would make you feel proud, is if you interviewed a candidate and they turned out to be a star at their work, a real asset to the company. You would be looked on as the one that has good judgement.
So how would you go about gaining this reputation as an Interviewer, and how will this help you as an Interviewee?  Get better informed, start learning about E.I
What is E.I?
We are talking about Emotional Intelligence. Understand that there are a lot of top companies that use this as part of their interview process and if not consciously, still subconsciously we all use it.
It is a way of reading people on another level just by gestures as simple as face gestures, tone, body language. Overall it’s about reading other people’s behaviour.
There are times that someone could be saying one thing, but their behaviour is saying something totally different.
We all can read people to an extent, but should you wish to explore this area further do have a look at Psychologist and Author Daniel Goldman, which I highly recommend you read one of his books.
Getting up to date with this sort of information will certainly enhance your chances at an interview (that advice goes both sides of the table) but also in general it helps you to connect with the real you too.
All the Success
Coach Chris Browne