Knowing your Self worth


When in the world of seeking employment it can sometimes seem like a forever winding road. A road that goes a little like this, from interview to interview, sending out C.V after C.V, then if you are fortunate to go to interview after interview, only to wait to hear for a call to tell you if you were successful at the interview, then if not you go round and do it all again.

After a while of trying and trying and knock back after knock back, we start to question our own ability and worth.
Well, Don’t! Do not question your worth. Question what are you selling, and are you selling it to the place that needs it?



Pitching in desperation


Let me give you a small example that triggered me to start writing this blog.

Some months back a friend contacted me and asked if I would be willing to come along and help him at a job fair stall where he was pitching ‘Self Development’ to the job market.
I had a busy diary but thought this will be fun and it’s still within my remit of work, so I went along. I met with a great team who were all very good at pitching their skills.
Whilst I began to pitch, a young lady came up to me for some advice regarding finding work. Whilst talking with her I realised that she had pitched herself in such a desperate way, that my mind told me, it was not her career at all that she was promoting, but the need for any job. She also gave indications in her dialog of wanting something else.



Knowing what you got and want


I said, Stop! She looked at me as if I had just halted the high-speed train she was on. I then asked her a simple question, ‘If you could choose one job or career, and you knew nothing could stop you, what would it be?
She told me what it was, and then told me how she had studied & trained in a particular field, but it just was not coming together.
It seemed like her self worth had gone and taken a walk, as self-worth and desperation do not walk side by side.
I’ll tell you the advice and help I gave her at the end of this blog, (Don’t skip ahead) : )



Pointers on Self-worth in the Job market


1. Know that ‘Self Worth’ in the job market is very important.
2. You have to know what your value is in the field.
3. Work out your knowledge and skill set. Ask yourself what do I have to sell?
4. What are your buyers need? In other words, what is the company or interviewer looking for?
5. How can I be an asset to the company?
6. How can I put my knowledge & skills into words. (Elevator pitch)


Self-worth whether in the job market or in general is about valuing yourself for who you are and what you have inside of you. This only helps us more to share confidently in who we are as a person, this holds the listener’s interest.



You get, what you project


Back to the woman that I started with at the beginning of this blog. Once she had told me her true dream career that she would really like to pursue if it were possible. I showed her that it was still possible, and I signposted her to a friend of mine, who also started from scratch and is doing very well in the same field of work that she wanted, and is running her own business.

Don’t let your job dictate who you are and your self-worth, you are what you bring to the job… not the other way around.

You might have to take another temporary route, but know that it is what you have inside of you and the actions you take that will make all the difference to the career or job becoming a reality.


You are worth more!

Coach Chris Browne