Picture this scenario………. You get into your vehicle about to go for a drive, in front of you is the windscreen and you could see that beautiful stretch of road ahead of you. Now, also above is the rear view mirror in which you can see what is behind you and what you have already past.
Let us do a retake of all the above, with a slightly different spin on it. The vehicle that you got into represents your life. Through the windscreen is the place that you can view the road which is your future. Through the rear view mirror, you can view your past. In all, this all represents your life.
Now if you were to get into the car and start the engine, started driving and decided to only look at the rear view mirror, without much attention to the main windscreen in front of you, what do you think would happen?  It is most surely, that sooner or later, you will have a crash!
This scenario might seem like a bizarre take on things, and you might say, well who is going to drive a car with their eyes fixed on the rear view mirror? Well, the truth of this is : Yes, there are quite a few of us at some point treated our life in this manner, and not only some of us at some point, but there are those individuals who are doing this in their life right now, and not recognising this action at this moment is leading them towards somewhere that they really don’t want to be.
If you keep your ‘minds eye’ fixed on the rear view mirror of your life you will evidently crash. This obviously means looking at your past and all your regrets, will hold you back from achieving the things that you want to achieve. You can take a glance in the rear mirror every now and then just to learn from your past, but not to fix your mind totally on regrets of the past. The road ahead may have a few little bumps, but those bumps will not bring your journey to a halt, as you made it through those past experiences before and had learnt from them. Start looking forward and put actions in place that you can do in the present, to keep you focused, and enhance your future.
Keep your end vision in mind, and just keep going
Coach Chris Browne