Too much analysis causes paralysis! What a phrase, but sadly it is a fact. How many times have you thought of doing something and feel that you have to check out every angle before going ahead. The only thing with the analysing is it takes up some good time, and in life as we know, time does not stand still. That is not saying, that it is not good to check things out first, but too much procrastination could cost you, much of your valuable time. You have to turn yourself into a big powerful decision maker. One who could make a quick good decision without thinking if this happens or that happens, otherwise if you don’t, then nothing will happen, and some quick-thinking-somebody, will come along and make the decision that you did not, and take your opportunity. We cannot go through life without making mistakes, but in our endeavour to grow it is a natural part of the process, this is how we learn.
Think back to when you were growing up as a child, and some of the decisions you made especially those naughty ones that cost you being grounded. You soon learned very quickly not to make that decision again. Basically, ‘You grew in knowledge’. But, now we don’t want the experience of getting it wrong, so we just sit there thinking what could happen if we get it wrong, but let us change that thinking to, What if I got it right? How good would that be, knowing you made that decision, and you got it right.
We only know too well that some of the decisions we made in life, has had a profound effect on the rest of our lives. This does not mean that you have to keep living in this mistake. It’s time, to take back your life from those misplaced decisions, and start to live the life you were supposed to live. Think of this statement ‘You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time’. So start to enjoy the time you are living in and look for positive angles of your circumstance, (as everybody has a different one) because whatever decision you make it will have an effect, which is also living an experience.
Risk takers make things happen.
Coach Chris Browne