Last week in Part 1 we broke down what fear is, this week in Part 2 we are going to suggest different ways to challenge your fear.

Talking it through

Talking your fear through is a good beginning. The fact that you are able to share and uncover what is going on inside is a good method. So another suggestion would be to see a professional therapist in this field, or a Coach using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to get to the root of the fear.

Challenge your thoughts

Challenge those negative outcomes that you see in your mind, by turning them into positive outcomes. Do this enough times to imprint that good outcome. For example: Fear of public speaking, see it going very well with the audience giving you a standing ovation is a better outcome than seeing yourself fail in front of a big crowd.

Be in the now

Be in the now, a phrase used by actors in rehearsal meaning, Stop thinking way ahead of the scenario. Take control and recognise in this situation, it is not really happening, but do recognise where you are (in the now) at that very moment.
I have put a few suggestions above, many people have discovered different ways to conquer their fear, (please share them with others in the box below) some go head to head with that fear. Some use their belief and faith to challenge that fear. (That is one that I personally used) and some choose to self-talk themselves through it.
Whichever way you choose the main focus is to get started because if you do not challenge that fear, it could block your successes in the things you want to do, achieve, or experience.
I must stress that not all fear is bad it is a part of our natural instinct to be aware of danger and all species have this, it’s only a problem when it kicks in for reasons that don’t exist.
There are many organisations out there that can give help and information on helping you to overcome your fear.
Coach Chris Browne
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