Most people generally have some kind of fear in their life or at some point had a fear!

It could be a fear of losing the business, facing certain challenges, a phobia that began to take over their life, fear of failing, or just plain fear of fear.
Whatever that fear is it is real to an individual as you are sitting there reading this blog now. But to the person looking on at that other person’s fear, it’s so easy to say ‘just ignore it and get on with things’.
Well, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that I am saying the same thing too, but No!

I just want to say that you can challenge your fears and you can overcome them too.
But first we have to understand where that fear came from and what experience got locked in your mind that created that fear.
Your mind is the most exceptional powerful precious tool that you could ever possess and one that you should always do your best to keep upgraded.
The mind can create imaginary barriers that you might feel, if I cross that barrier something terrible might happen and it begins to become a reality to you, so why chance crossing it.
The brain also has a section which is designed to protect us from danger, it is called the Amygdala, which keeps us safe, and therefore also stops us from challenging those self-imposed barriers that create what is known as fear.

Now, not to go to deep into explaining the mechanics of your fear.
You might be saying, ‘How do I challenge this fear?’.

I will answer this in part 2.

Coach Chris Browne

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