There are many in life who have overcome great tribulations, and left behind examples that have become  legacies. Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, Olaudah Equiano, Helen Keller, to name a few. But, what if they had not had this overcoming revolt inside, history would not have been written the same.
There are so many more names to add to the above list for many different  reasons, and yours might be one of them. Just as there are personal challenges that we have overcome, it could be long term or short term; fatal illnesses, family problems, bereavement,  addictions, poverty, you name it. Because at most times we have to  overcome our own challenges to gain strength to take on the world. History has shown that life has been kinder to ‘overcomers’, than those who have accepted a life of defeat.
The mindset of one who overcomes seems to be a person with great vision against the odds, and once defeated the odds, begins to realise the strong and powerful lion that was sleeping inside, then tends to go forward looking for obstacles to overcome again. Which has its rewards, such as the delivery of success.
Think of the personal battles that you have won in the past, those were your preparations for the bigger challenges.  Understand, that now you have inside of you the ability to overcome and achieve even greater.
Coach Chris Browne