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I decided to take a leap of faith and trust you with my deepest worries, fears, and phobias.

To say my life has changed and I view myself differently is an understatement.

Thank you for being an amazing coach

God bless you


I believe that I gained so much and there are not enough words to explain it.

I am very thankful for Coach Chris’s sessions, as I was able to deal with my fears and move forward.


I was doubtful whether a Personal Development course would have any effect on me, and I must confess I was wrong.

You have been found guilty of changing my life for the better, I am now looking forward to a brighter more colourful future – Look out world !!


What is a Confidence Coach?

A Confidence Coach is someone who can help you identify the blocks that are hindering your progression, whilst also helping you to develop the tools you need to overcome barriers and raise your performance.

This style of coaching will also help you challenge negative behaviours whilst transitioning you from the place of doubt to a place of assurance whether be your personal or professional life.

We could all do with the help of a Coach at some point in our lives to excel and bring about those great life-changing rewards, but the only thing that stops us is taking action.

But to really understand a bit more of how Confidence Coaching can help you.

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We can think of a change or make that change.

Who is coach Chris Browne?

Coach Chris’s mission is to help as many people as can to gain the confidence needed to overcome inner barriers and achieve their goals.

Week after week he helps individuals and companies hit their targets using practical steps with customised achievement plans that help staff build that confidence needed to possess the ability to win.

Coach Chris has done this for many individuals from various backgrounds and professions.

The challenges that his clients have presented vary from overcoming low self-esteem, job interviews, communication skills, career change, raising their performance levels, and many others.

Although he has a vast amount of experience in Coaching, Public speaking, and facilitating workshops both in the UK and abroad to being a resident Coach on Sky TV’s first dedicated show on Mental Health ‘The Chrissy B show’. He has also been hired by universities, businesses, and organizations to devise programs, and also 1-2-1 coaching.

The main joy in my work as a Coach is seeing an individual gain the confidence to overcome their blocks and make their goals become a reality “

Coach Chris Browne

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 Inspiring Change for a Better You


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Your Journey

Finding your goal

Finding your main goal gives you purpose and can make all the difference in your everyday life.

The reality of now

 A bit of assistance with taking off those rose-tinted glasses helps you to identify the reality of the situation.

Moving forward

It always helps to pack your bag with what is exactly needed for your journey.

Right action, Good habit

One right action can form a good habit that creates a fulfilling journey.

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 Grow in Confidence

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Believe In Yourself [VIDEO]

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How To Deal With Conflict At Work

Listen as Chris Browne discusses how and why conflict in the work place arises and what you can do to avoid it aswell as how to deal with conflict when it becomes unavoidable.

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