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Client Reviews

I decided to take a leap of faith and trust you with my deepest worries, fears, and phobias.

To say my life has changed and I view myself differently is an understatement.

Thank you for being an amazing coach

God bless you

Maureen Badu

I believe that I gained so much and there are not enough words to explain it.

I am very thankful for Coach Chris’s sessions, as I was able to deal with my fears and move forward.


I was doubtful whether a Personal Development course would have any effect on me, and I must confess I was wrong.

You have been found guilty of changing my life for the better, I am now looking forward to a brighter more colourful future – Look out world !!

Arshad Ali

What is a Confidence Coach?

A Confidence Coach is someone who can help you identify the blocks that are hindering your progression towards your goals, whilst also helping you to develop the tools you need to overcome your lack of self-belief.

This style of coaching will also help you address the negative behaviours to assist you in setting new goals.

It will transition you from the place of doubts to a place of assurance and high-performance, whether that be in your personal life or managing the team at work.

We could all do with the help of a Coach at some point in our lives to excel in our true potential and bring about those great life-changing rewards.

But to really understand a bit more in-depth, read further and then take that step to get in touch for a discovery call and see how Confidence Coaching will help you to overcome barriers and excel in your life.

Today could be the beginning of the rest of your life

Who is coach Chris Browne?

Coach Chris Browne has a mission to help as many people gain the confidence to overcome barriers and achieve their goals.  Presently week after week he helps people and company staff hit their targets and goals through practical steps and personalized achievement plans.

He has done this for many individuals from all different backgrounds,  levels of professions.

The challenges vary from overcoming fears of life, job interviews, communication skills, career change, performance level, and more importantly giving people the ability to go for what they have always really wanted.

Although his experience extends from Co-hosting at Wembley Arena to a crowd of 11,500, Public Speaking and facilitating workshops both in the UK and abroad, to being a resident Coach on Sky TVs Chrissy B show, Universities, Colleges, all of which he says he thoroughly enjoyed. This is coming from someone who once lacked confidence.

The main joy in my work as a Coach is seeing someone gain the confidence to overcome their blocks and make their goals become a reality. “

His studies in coaching coupled with his own experience of conquering his own mountains have equipped him to understand a person’s need and consistently deliver client results after results.

Have a look at the client reviews section.

If you would like Coach Chris to help you in a 1-2-1 or take part in one of his online workshops.

Just fill in the box below or email [email protected]

 Inspiring Change for a Better You


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Online platform

Online 1-2-1 coaching has exploded in this time of safety awareness with many benefits such as distancing, working from home, and if you do go away, you can still maintain your coaching appointments without the interruption.


Face 2 Face coaching

Face to face consultation will be taken under the observation of Governmental Covid safety rules at this period once the ease of lockdown.

Therefore in this period mostly consulting online.

Public Speaking

Having a Public Speaker speak at your event or online adds that little extra that will inspire your staff.

Coach Chris Browne                

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Confidence Building

Communication Skills

Effective Interview skills

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