The human being is a specie that has a programmed feature to grow and achieve, like other species, are programmed to grow and survive, so it would seem that we are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves.


The Thesaurus Dictionary definition of the word:

“Personal – oneʼs own; unique; and individual, and Development – Growth; progress; and success”


So letʼs just take one word from each of the two definitions, Individual and Progress. Like in the headline of this article ʻYour individual progressʼ – this is an area of your life that is a must to fulfill, and just as a baby gets excited about learning something new each day, we have to do our best to maintain that very essence of excitement to learn something new all the time, and what also helps with this learning is to have a Coach working along side you in this journey of developing your life.


There are sometimes slight misunderstanding about Coaching & Counselling (which I do hope what I am about to say gives more clarity about the difference).


A Counsellor focuses on the past, and a Coach focuses on the future. The Counsellor will assist you in helping to unravel those blockages that occur from past events in your life, whereas the Coach helps to guide and inspire you to set and achieve those future goals.


To be inspired to develop oneself is mainly what this website focuses on, as there are many areas of our lives that we could all improve on. Here are a few that tend to often comes up, Health, Finances, Love life, Friendship, Work, and Family. As I had mentioned these are just a few, but each one like a tree has branches, they lead to other aspects of our lives that we could develop. When we look in the mirror we see an outward reflection of ourselves, but what if we could look again at that mirror and see what is really going on in the inside. As it is understood, your outer image is part of a reflection of what is going on in the inside, this is projected through our actions and reactions to situations. 


So, to see what is really going on would be a part of getting to know oneself and would start at beginning to personally develop yourself. 


There will be some valuable development tips in my blogs and on my Youtube Channel do check it out at ʻCoach Chris Browneʼ and please feel free to share with others if you feel that they could benefit from these tips as well. 


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