There is a saying about fishes in a tank that was often said, “The bigger your tank the bigger your fish will grow”
I say, that there are some crucial facts to learn before saying the above, e.g: If your fish is not fed well, Does not have regular change of water, Stressed from bullying of other fishes, your pet fish will not grow to it’s full potential.
This is not a blog about pet fish, but a way of highlighting a similar to our own lives, e.g: If we are not learning new information, mentally stressed out, not eating properly to get the right nutrients, or not trying out new ventures, it would be a hard journey to reach our full potential.

So let us look at what you could do to assist you in bringing out your potential

• Be intentional about what you want to achieve.
• Read each day to learn and stimulate your mind.
• Set a discipline of going to bed early.
• Exercise every other day.
• Develop the habit to eat more healthy.
• Invest in building true relationships.
• Practice the habit of giving.
• Have Vision, Belief & Faith in all you do.

The above are a few tips that you could adopt to help to grow your potential.
What have you been doing lately to enhance your growth?

Do share your comments below.

Coach Chris Browne