Progression over perfection


Have you ever thought whilst working on something that the world is about to see… I don’t think it’s ready yet or let me work on it further until it’s as good as that person’s project or it needs adjusting after more adjusting to be better, therefore trying to make everything perfect forever delaying for that perfection, when it should be a progression over perfection to reach your goal.


The Truth


The truth behind this is you want perfection and it is good to have high standards but ask yourself this question… What is perfection and then ask who’s perfection are you setting the bar?



What is perfection?


Is there such as perfection… What is perfection? it is a never-ending journey. The reasoning is as you set the perfection mark once reached you will always find more to work on, only you must not become over self-critical in your outcomes and celebrate where you are now to where you came from endeavoring in bite-size stops in your overall progression.



Who’s perfection are you setting as a marker?


The person whose perfection you are setting as a marker for your perfection is also on a journey that they too are trying to reach never-ending perfection. The only difference is they have most likely been on this journey a bit longer than you, so therefore they are further down the line than you, making it good to learn from them but not good to compare yourself to the point of not appreciating your hard work.



So what do we do now?


So what do we do now? here is a little tip, choose to be bold by choosing progression over perfection. The fact that you are proud of your progression is a healthy mental marker and the others will see the authenticity of the journey of your progression and will gain more inspiration to get up and do as well.

The real achievement is having the confidence to start and progress into your perfection.

So what are you going to start today and progress?


Your competition is with yourself to be better today, than you were yesterday, and just fantastic tomorrow!