What is a self-limiting belief?


Self-limiting beliefs, are out of control imaginations, trying to assist you by keeping you from those thought up dangers.

Yes, sounds like a mouth full, but if we look at the word ‘limit’ the definition is ‘to set boundaries‘ and if we look at the word ‘belief’ it’s the definition of, an opinion or something that a person holds to be true. Therefore if we put the two together ‘Boundaries held to be true but the question about this is are they true?

Tips to counter self-limiting beliefsĀ 


  1. Self-limiting beliefs are beliefs that got connected to you emotionally through an event that happened in the past. These events that happened when we were younger, seemed to magnify themselves to become more impressionable in a child’s experience at the time.
  2. Our minds in this present time try to protect us against the past event ever reoccurring again. If the event that happened seems traumatic, our mind decides that we don’t want to experience it again.
  3. A technique to undo those self-limiting beliefs is to write down each belief and begin to acknowledge them for what they really were, as a past non-threatening event. This will be making sure they do not have any power over you in the now.
  4. Replace the limiting beliefs with the reality of the power of now.

The understanding of limiting self-belief has the ability to make a big shift in your performance and in your life.

Have a look further at Merriam-Webster Self-limiting beliefs.

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Coach Chris Browne