Imagine this scenario you are about to go on a journey, firstly you do not know the directions, then you ask a few people on route the way, then the person you ask says to you, Where exactly are you trying to get to? you reply, “ I donʼt exactly know”


This is a funny little scenario, that you might find strange, but in life this does at times actually happen to individuals who are trying to get somewhere in their life, but they are not exactly clear about where they want to get to or importantly, where they want to get to with their life.
Sometimes the cause being that obstacles along the way have somehow blurred their vision or simply have lost direction and have no map.


This is why it is important to have a point of direction, purpose, and an overall goal.
When we have a goal we then have a purpose, which in turn gives us more meaning in all we do.


Setting goals is something most species do to survive, take look at the ant always on the go very purposely whether it be to prepare for the younger or the queen, but most definitely knows his / her role.


This is why it is important to goal set and have purpose.


I remember going on holiday to Trinidad with my wife, and while their she treated to a visit to Asa Wrights bird sanctuary, (a treat for my birthday) we went on a walk in the mountains (the northern range) with a group and guide, while walking we came across an ant mound that seem to go on and on, I queried this mound to the guide. He began to explain about the intricate air conditioning they had made and the different roles the ants had eg some guard the den, some got the food, while some protected the carrying the food back, and all these different roles was to provide for the queen ant to help produce the colony.


Now the one thing that stood out for me was when he said that, if the Queen ant died, that all the other ants would just die too, reason being they no longer have a purpose. There is a slight connection to humans on this one, which is that if we have no purpose we lose direction, we get depressed, and begin to spiritually die to.


So the next question might be, how do I set goals?


The advice I would give to this question, is to ask yourself, What have you always wanted to be or do. Secondly, What have you been naturally good at from a young age? Once finding these answers you are on the way to finding your true goal and purpose.