Have you ever felt like you want to put the world right, or you keep thinking if only that person would do this or that, they would be a better person.
Some occasions it might be the company that we are working in, and we tend to notice the negative attitudes of others, which then seems to add to your conversations with others, and you end up talking about the other person.
Well, it is time to start to review YOU!
Because we have to realise that we are a part of the bigger picture, the point I am getting to is, as in the title of this piece ʻ Before conquering the outside, you have to conquer the insideʼ : that inside, is the real you. I am talking about conquering your fears, self-doubts, trust, integrity, and of course how we use that most powerful tool in our mouths, our tongue.
This all may seem a little strong to say, but the reality of it is we all have to stop in life at some point and have a little M.O.T to get our life on track and running smooth.
There are times when I have had somebody get into a conversation with me and gradually veer towards talking about someone elseʼs actions. My response usually is to listen to them, and then ask, ʻHave you told that person about that issueʼ ? or ʻWhy donʼt you tell themʼ ? This way we are not conspiring, but dealing with the issue of both parties.
But, I too, have to continuously review how much I listen to, as it is very easy to engage in this type of talking about someone. (there we go, conquer self first)
Letʼs make a new start with some pointers on conquering self.

  1. Be aware of how you view yourself. We sometimes view ourselves on the areas that we assume are weak. I call them ʻareas of developmentʼ and you are not alone, we all have them. When we can address this, we become less insecure, as we only compete with ourselves to grow.
  2. Think before you speak. Every action causes a reaction, but sometimes we react to situations a bit to quick, and later regret what we had said or done, as every action has a consequence. It has been said for a long time, ʻtake a deep breath and count to tenʼ let me add to that saying : Do it!
  3. How do you view the world? Is it for you, or is it against you. Let me let you into a little secret about this, you are completely right. Because if you see the world as against you, the chances are you are treating the world and everybody in it in this manner. But also the opposite to this is, if you are viewing the world as conspiring to help you, then this view will be right, and you will be treating people like this too.

 So monitor your thinking, watch, and enjoy your self conquering growth