One of my hobbies is looking after our Tropical fish. In our home we have a large tropical fish aquarium with a number of beautifully coloured fish. It’s what is known as a community tank, which is a community of different groups of fish that can get on and swim in the same tank.

Each morning when I open the top of the tank to feed them by dropping fish food into the tank, most of the fish become more active as soon as I have opened the top they swim around and start catching the food.
But there is a certain group in tank that interact like excited puppies as they see you they get very happy and eat a pieces of food, but are more interested in interacting with you.
If my wife or myself walk past the tank they get excited or if you place your finger to the glass they play and follow your finger.
This interaction has made me (I am ashamed to say) a little bit bias towards that group of fish as I look forward to seeing them display this interaction.

We as humans are much the same! Communication is a vital part of our lives, in studying, in playing, at work, in business, in many different aspects of our lives communication is the key.
Think of how you respond to those who communicated with you, when you felt a little shy in situations, or just not so sure about a new task you are about to tackle at work, or even as far back as your first day at school. You’re most likely to remember that person who spoke with you first, and you will most likely remember them in a most favourable way.

I say again that communication is the key. So go ahead step outside your comfort zone and talk to someone you would not normally talk to in your busy day. It’s good for your mental wellbeing, confidence building, and overall health to communicate and share with others.
Remember, change starts with you.

Have a great day!

Coach Chris Browne