Many of us have dreams and aspirations, that we work very hard at and sometimes it seems an everyday pleasure, that you just canʼt wait to wake up in the morning to carry on with, and there are some that just feel like it’s the bane of our lives, either because you just canʼt see the end vision coming into your life and it is just going on and on.
Maybe there is a justified reason for this, and reason being that you are not doing what you are supposed to do, but doing what you want to do. You might ask, ʻWhat is the difference?ʼ
The difference is that sometimes we choose to embark on a certain career, ventures or task, that we have seen other people doing and making a good living out of it and feel like, ʻI can do that toʼ or someone else said, at a time when you werenʼt sure of your direction, that you need to go and study this or that. Then as time moves on you start to realise, I am not enjoying this, but I have to do it.
The chances are (not all cases) you are not doing what you are supposed to do, but doing what you want to do, from a misplaced desire.
There is the other side, when you are doing something that you just canʼt get enough time in a day to work towards it, or you just seem to wake up before the alarm clock goes off, because of your passion and desire to get on with it. Chances are that you are doing what you are supposed to do.
‘Every day brings new choices’  Martha Beck 
Identifying points
Are the choices you make ruled by your head or by your heart, in other words by facts or by feelings?
What is your innate potential, what is your God given gift that you are naturally good at?
Start listing the above on paper, and begin to weigh them up.
Be practical about it, and think how you can use what you have to enhance and enjoy what you are  already doing with that gift, or start a new venture and grow.

Image by by tinou bao