What is behind self-esteem


To get a good perspective on your self-esteem here is one way of looking at it. It’s about being comfortable with who you truly are. When you are comfortable with who you are, you’re able to cope in different social environments and situations.

But there is also the other side of the coin and that is having low self-esteem. This can cause much stress with having to be in certain environments and situations finding it very difficult to cope. Therefore feeling very uncomfortable and finding many excuses not to be there.


Low self-esteem


Low self-esteem has a root and most likely that root started growing at a very young age which developed through poor experiences that happened through the eyes of a child and has now plagued your emotional journey up until now.

Having a better understanding and being able to identify what it is and where it came from gives us the strength and knowledge in knowing why we react the way we do to different environments. This also empowers us to begin to undo what is holding us back. This search to identify what is holding us back is even clearer being assisted alongside a professional eg: Coach, Counselor, or Therapist.


Here are a few tips


  • Discovering to value yourself is part of this journey to begin to slowly build your self-esteem.
  • Do not compare yourself to others as you are unique and have your own special qualities.
  • Learning that no one is perfect and those that might seem so to you, had to start at the beginning and make mistakes too.
  • Your opinions matter and help with the bigger picture.
  • Learning to stop waiting on everyone else’s approval for you to progress.


Overall accepting and valuing how fantastic you were made and contributing to add value to the lives of others is the beginning of the new you.