Before you begin to read this blog, I want you to know this is not about religion, but about practical good sense, so read on!
I was at my church service on Sunday, and the Pastor of the church read from the Bible a chapter in the book of Habakuk 2 v 2. He mention as he read these words, ‘Write a vision’ and it jumped out for me as this is something we do in setting goals, we write a vision. He carried on, and read, ‘to write a vision and make it plain on tablets’. I remember in the early days reading the late author Stephen R Covey’s well known book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he mentioned about having an, ‘End vision’ Covey referred to this in the manner of the techniques of goal setting, which he would also quote this to his faith many times throughout his book.
It is known that even back in the early days of the prehistoric man, that before going out to hunt the men would gather around a fire in a cave and would etch on the cave wall the bull or whatever the animal was in those times, then they would speak it out in chant (the vision) and throw their spears at this image on the cave wall with focused aims of killing the animal!
This says to me that they drew their vision on the cave wall of what they wanted to kill and feed to their family. They had set a tribe goal, writing the vision before going out to hunt. Big companies still do this today with their Monday team meetings.
I have been also advocating in my workshops the importance of taking the action of setting goals by placing images of your ‘wants’ on paper, where we have sometimes done this in groups, they would place their vision on flip charts either by writing it or using images. (it is better by image)
In today’s fast moving lifestyle we need to take the time to reassess our everyday movements and actions, to review if our actions are in line with our vision and goals, because if not we could sometimes end up feeling like a Hamster in a cage, running round and round on a wheel, but not really getting anywhere.
So let us take some simple steps right now:

  1. Get a big blank sheet of paper (and a pen)
  2. Start to vision in your mind, think outside the box without the limits of want you want.
  3. Search for images, either through magazines or the internet of things that represent your vision.
  4. Cut the images out and stick them to your sheet.
  5. Place this sheet where you could look at it each morning and night.

These above actions will program your mind, giving you clarity and direction. If possible try to do something each day towards your vision.
It does not matter how small or big, but do some action towards your goal. Habakkuk 2: 2,  ‘Write the Vision’
All the Success.
Please let me know how you get on by commenting below in the comment box.